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My Story ...

Jenny Kaerner - Pet Services Florida

Born in Germany

A life for animals

I was born and raised in Berlin, Germany… I went to a Waldorf school which has a
special concept of education. They see each student as a whole being with its flaws and
talents and give them space to evolve. I am very grateful for my moms decision to have sent me to that school. I had happy schooldays…

From the day I was born until today I have always been surrounded by animals. Our
first dog Aik helped me to learn how to walk, endured my silliness as a toddler and was the
first one to break my heart when he passed away…

Jenny Kaerner - Pet Services Florida

I had to go through hard times

Animals are life changers

With our second dog Matti I faced my Mom’s death…It was life changing for the both of us. I will never forget how he kept looking up whenever the type of car, that my Mom used to drive, would pass by. He helped me through this dark time in my life. Together we traveled to Venezuela where we both found love and happiness again. I stayed in Venezuela 4 years.

During those years I took care of many street dogs and other animals. Those animals taught me so much about what is wrong and what is right and what matters most. They also showed me that besides food, water and medical help what they appreciated most was love and good energy towards them. During those years I had 7 dogs, several cats and chickens and ducks and whatever animal came my way and needed help or simply my companionship…
Not only did i meet many animals in Venezuela but also many good people… One in particular that changed my life, my husband.

Medical Care for Animals

The Dog Whisperer

When we went back to Germany I felt that I was ready to study and learn more about
medical help for animals and also how the right behavioral training of dogs can lead to a
happy dog and owner.

In Venezuela it was the first time that i heard about a “dog whisperer”…The simplicity
of how Cesar Millan in his first years showed what a dog needs in order to be a balanced,
happy animal impressed me. Not only do you have to be an animal lover but you have to
provide other essential aspects to your dog so that he can live a happy life and so will you. I
was hooked. I saw the mistakes I had made with my dogs, the issues that would have been so
easily avoided by simply doing what is natural for the dog and not the human.

I enrolled in a training program to learn more from that person directly. In 2015 I
completed “Training Cesars Way” in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Drawn to the holistic

Homeopathic Medicine

Due to my experiences in life I was more drawn to the holistic approach of medicine
then the conventional medicine (allopathic).
I started with the study of Homeopathic Medicine which sees the being as a whole. It
doesn’t treat the symptom but sees the patient as a unique composition. In Homeopathic
Medicine every detail is important and I saw it so many times with my own eyes how this type
of medicine can help where other approaches are not successful anymore.
After having my son and entering in a new chapter of my life as a mother I felt ready to
study again in 2020.
I concluded my studies in April 2021 and are now a certified Homeopath for Animals.
After that I wanted to keep going and explore more of the universe of holistic, natural
healing methods. The next field that caught my attention was the field of Phytotherapy
(herbal medicine) and Mycotherapy (medicinal mushrooms)…
Terminating this dual study this summer of 2022.

Another healing method - simply be there for them

Reiki for Animals

I had already gotten my first and second Reiki degree a couple of years back in Germany but decided to refresh my Reiki knowledge and also learn a new method in 2022 from an american Reiki therapist that focuses on how animals can guide the therapy. Each animal I had in my life so far taught me something and i am forever grateful for that and their company… EINFÜHRUNGSKURS