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I had dogs my whole life and I always thought loving them and caring for them is all they need in order to be happy… Then when they would act out or pull on the leash or bark at something I would think „Ok that is their character, they don’t like cars or kids or anything that might have hurt them in their past“. I learned how wrong I was years ago… When I pass someone today who yells from the distance „is this a girl?? Because my dog doesn’t like girls!!“ Then I see how many people are at this point where I was. We animal lovers all mean well for our animals but sometimes we don’t see that we are our biggest challenge in order to help our dogs. That we need to change our point of view, way of being and communicating with our dogs. Often it is so easy to transform your daily life with your dog by simple changes in your behavior and establishing new rules and habits.

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Please be aware that if your dog does not get any regular physical exercise it will be much harder to work on any behavioral issues…

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Ask for special offers for groups, educational courses for kids and school classes… No matter how young, every child can be a pack leader…

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