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Dogs need to walk

„A bird needs to fly, a fish needs to swim, a dog needs to walk“ My goal is to achieve happiness and peace for animals and their human companions. My believe is that in order to create that, we need balance in our lives. We all have needs that have to be fulfilled. Spiritual needs, mental needs but also physical needs. If a dog does not get a daily walk it is almost impossible for him to be balanced thus happy. Then this imbalance reflects in behavioral issues like barking, breaking things at home, aggressiveness, pacing around, jumping ect…Even if you try to address and correct these problems, if the physical energy is so pent up it is very difficult to get through to the dog.

More balance and happiness

So for me it all starts with a walk. Dogs descend from a specie that walks around 12 miles minimum per day. Although our dogs have been domesticated for a long time now this need to walk is still within them. In our modern world people often do not have the time to walk their dogs properly or are not aware of how important that walk might be. This is where I hope I can help to bring balance and happiness to your family by walking your dog when you cant.

Our prices and packages:

Walks will be either at the beach or a park and will last around 2 hours Your dog will be picked up from home and brought back

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General Information

Walks will be in the morning and there will be two types of groups. A sporty group for dogs that need more exercise and a slower group for older dogs for example. We will meet first to evaluate if your dog is able to walk in a group right away or if he/she needs a basic behavioral training first in order to join a walk group… Please contact us for any questions you may have…

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