Reiki for Animals

Reiki is an ancient healing technique that focuses on our energy center or soul our essence. We
have a physical body that needs taken care of, a mental body but also an energetic body. The first
two bodies are mostly taken care of through physical exercise, sports and our work or studies.
But often we forget about the energetic body that is actually our essence.

Spiritual Energy for your animal

Reiki can be translated to „spiritual energy“ and has its origins in Japan. However Reiki is
something that is everywhere and everyone has it but most of us humans forgot how to use it.
Reiki is not connected to a certain believe system. In Japan the Reiki path is seen as a course of
life that is followed through many decades to the end of a person’s life.

Difference between Human Reiki and Animal Reiki

Human Reiki is practiced by putting the hands in different positions on the body. While this
method is pleasant for us it is not the best for animals. Some animals do not want to be touched.
Maybe they are even afraid of hands or touch or in the case of wild animals its all of that plus it
would be dangerous for us to try to touch a bear for example.

A space of positivity

I came across the „Let Animals Lead®“ method created by Kathleen Prasad. This method is
based on the traditional Reiki lineage by Mikao Usui but with the difference that is uses touch only
when animal initiated. This method focuses on the meditation led by the animals… We create a
space of positivity and light where illness, suffering and pain are not essential.

Reiki as part of the instinct

Since animals have already a more natural, instinctive approach to Reiki they mostly accept it,
connect with it and nurture from it way faster than we humans can.
It is beautiful how animals lean in to it and share this healing space with us…

Reiki for animals: on a donation basis

Reiki sessions are on a donation basis…As I would like as many animals as possible to enjoy it.
Sessions are between 30-45 minutes long unless the animal doesn’t want the treatment, then of
course it ends whenever they want it to end.

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